Research and
Market Intelligence

Global HumanEdge provides off-the-shelf and bespoke market research on business trends and competitive practices in human resources and people management.  The quality and depth of our analysis, interpretation and impact evaluation underpin the value in our professional advice.

HR Compliance & Audits

Global HumanEdge provide information on mandatory benefits and social security requirements in countries across Asia-Pacific.  With these we work with clients to audit their compliance with country regulations.

  • Employment Practices and Employee Benefits - Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong
  • Retrenchment Law and Practice - Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong
  • Personal Data Privacy and Protection Law & Practice - Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Employment Contract Restraints of Trade

Competitive Practices & Positioning

Global HumanEdge reports help clients understand competitive human resources, remuneration and employee benefits practices in countries across Asia-Pacific.  By evaluating an organisation's competitive market position to enable it to make cost-benefit decisions for improving attraction, retention and development of top talent.

  • Profile of a Strategic HR Manager
  • Adapting Flexible Remuneration Designs for Different Organisational Cultures
  • Corporate Retirement Funding in Thailand
  • Housing Allowances and Benefits in Hong Kong
  • Additional Voluntary Contributions to Mandatory Provident Fund - Hong Kong

Customised Research

Global HumanEdge provides bespoke research, snap surveys and masked comparator reports to help clients with specific market information needs.

  • The Asia-Pacific Private Banking Market
  • Remuneration Governance vs. Hedging - The Zero-Cost Collar Debate
  • Improving Human Capital Due Diligence in Private Equity Deals
  • Remuneration & Governance Practices at Investment Banks

HR Reports

Global HumanEdge provides country human resources reports for all countries in Asia-Pacific, and through associates, world-wide reports.  The reports include, inter alia, details on:

  • Statutory HR requirements
  • Labour environment
  • Social security
  • Retirement benefits
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Death & disability benefits
  • Severance requirements
  • Common perquisites
  • Paid time off
  • Competitive benefit practices
  • Expatriate practices
  • Taxation of benefits

Country HR reports are generally purchased with competitive market practice information on benefits and perquisites.  These include a mark-to-market comparison of the organisation's market competitiveness.

Sector Intelligence

In line with Global HumanEdge's sector specialisations, we provide additional levels of research and insight into competitive human resources practices in the following areas:

  • Corporate & investment banking
  • Capital markets
  • Private banking & wealth management
  • Information technology services
  • Emerging markets

Custom research helps Global HumanEdge clients enter markets, compete more profitably and get ahead of competitors.