About HumanEdge

Global HumanEdge is a business advisory firm, working with corporate leadership on business issues related to the design and improvement of human resources and people management practices. The principal areas of professional expertise are performance and reward, competitive human capital strategy and operational efficiencies. Practical advice is augmented by an Insourcing Practice providing in-house operational support on human resource-related projects and offering full in-house HR management services to small and medium sized businesses.


Global HumanEdge was established in Singapore in 2001 with the objective of bringing to the Asia-Pacific region dynamic, nimble, innovative, responsive and client-centric business advice on human resource matters.  In 2008, we opened an office in Hong Kong to serve the needs of our clients with a focus on north Asia from the financial and commercial hub of greater China.

From these two dynamic regional hubs, Global HumanEdge serves clients across the entire Asia-Pacific region; solving human resource problems, creating business efficiencies and helping organisations gain a competitive edge from value-adding people management practices.

Our growing list of premier clients is testimony to the tangible value we deliver.

Value Through Specialisation

Global HumanEdge clients gain accretive value from our specialist expertise.  Our credentials are built on a bedrock of technical knowledge,  business understanding and the practical, implementable nature of our advice and solutions.

Where clients require solutions that exceed the boundaries of our expertise, we bring together a highly qualified group of alliance partners and associates with deep specialisation in their own fields - creating value through coordination and integration of different areas of expertise.

While we advise clients across diverse industries, Global HumanEdge brings an added depth of specialist market knowledge with particular expertise in three industry segments:  corporate & investment banking; private banking & wealth management and technology services.  In these sectors we provide additional value, such as market research and competitive market intelligence.

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Subject Experts

Global HumanEdge provides advice on human resources and people management practices, including:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Performance incentives
  • International assignments
  • Performance management
  • Change management
  • Integrated talent management
  • HR department & HR
    delivery effectiveness
  • HR communication & employment handbooks
  • HR strategy & operational efficiencies
  • Employment-related contracts

Sector Experts

Global HumanEdge has additional specialised research and market intelligence capabilities on HR matters in three industry segments. We have extensive experience in helping companies set-up and accelerate growth in emerging markets.

Insourcing Experts

Global HumanEdge’s Insourcing Practice adds in-house capabilities to organisations that require additional temporary, or part-time human resource management capabilities that are experienced and highly skilled.