Insourcing Services

Global HumanEdge’s Insourcing Practice provides in-house operational capabilities to organisations that require additional, temporary, or part-time human resource management capabilities that are experienced and skilled. Insourcing offers the expertise of senior human resource managers to lead or manage projects, or to cover during an hiatus in senior HR roles (e.g. maternity leave, terminations, sabaticals).

Insourcing is similar to interim management in some instances, but offers considerably more options, particularly for retained HR management.

HR Projects & Implementation

Global HumanEdge Insourcing consultants provide additional in-house capacity to clients working on HR projects or implementation of HR programmes.  We help the HR and management team stay focussed on the core business while conducting or implementing the project with the highest levels of skills, senior management interaction and professionalism.

It may be the rollout of a new performance management plan across twelve countries, leading the HR and management teams through a total corporate transformation, or assisting with a reorganisation; Global HumanEdge Insourcing consultants provide added, on-demand capability without added fixed costs.

HR Department for SMEs

The Global HumanEdge Insourcing practice provides a full HR department service to small-to-medium organisations, larger firms with smaller offices in Asia-Pacific, or organisations with small regional headquarters.  Typically, these organisations want the high level of HR management that may exist in larger offices, but a full-time HR manager of this level would not be a financial viable option.

Whereas HR outsourcing, by definition, takes the work out of the organisation, HR insourcing recognises that humans are not hardware needing fast, routine process management. An insourced human resources manager is an integral part of the organisation’s team but without all the fixed costs.

From payroll management to in-house recruiting, from HR operations to compensation and benefits reviews, Global HumanEdge Insourcing provides a comprehensive, customised, professional and cost-effective HR department.

Full HR Department Insourcing services are only available from Global HumanEdge in Singapore and Hong Kong.  In other locations, alliance partners may provide such services.  Contact us for information on your office location.

HR On-Demand

Professional HR support as and when you need it.  That is Global HumanEdge HR On-Demand.  Our professionals provide advice and in-house operational support to management, whether it is a quick call or a highly confidential project for the board.

Having HR On-Demand is like a bat signal in Gotham, but with more practical suits.

Insourcing Value

Global HumanEdge Insourcing offers a number of valuable     benefits:

  • Senior level experience
  • Immediate value delivery
  • No learning curve
  • No headcount budget required
  • Specialist expertise
  • No fixed costs
  • No oncosts
  • Complete confidentiality

HR Department Insourcing

Small to medium organisations and those building their business in new locations can have the expertise of a large HR depart, with experience and high level capabilities that may not otherwise be financially viable.  Some of the benefits are:

  • Instant HR department
  • In-house, not outsourced
  • A person, not a call centre
  • High level expertise
  • Experienced managers
  • No fixed costs
  • No headcount requirements
  • No recruitment fees
  • Full-service HR management
  • Flexible cost / capacity

Project Insourcing

Insourcing provides experienced, senior, skilled human resource managers when  additional in-house capacity is needed on a temporary, or part-time basis. For example:

  • Employee on hiatus, sabbatical
  • Maternity leave cover
  • Critical/senior staff turnover
  • Project management/leadership
  • Large or complex projects
  • International programme rollout
  • Crisis HR management
  • Transformations / Change

Contact us for operational assistance on your HR programmes.